What is mzansigas

MzansiGas is a new web offering brought to you by The GAS Company. We created the MzansiGas service to empower the Gauteng gas-wise consumer and ultimately make using LPG for household energy sexier than the unreliable coal burning alternative we are all trying to reduce our reliance on.

With www.MzansiGas.co.za you order and pay for your gas in real time. Once the order is completed we get our worker elves to load your order onto a truck and delivery to your destination. It makes no difference how many cylinders you order or where you live in Gauteng. If you need the assistance, our helpful staff can also assist in removing the old cylinder and replacing it with the new one.

It's the simplest green energy solution in South Africa -- hands down.
click-click-pay ....and we bring

The GAS Company - innovating the gas industry since 1947.

How do I get the most from this service

It's true, Gasvana can be reached. For the uninitiated, gasvana is a state of absolute rest. It is a happy side effect resulting from having multiple gas bottles on a rotational system. When one bottle runs dry, the subject switches over to another bottle, immediately hops onto the MzanziGas website and orders a replacement, MzanziGas brings the replacement bottle takes the old bottle away and peaceful tranquility ensues.

How long does delivery take?

Any orders received before 17h00 will be delivered the next working day. If an order is urgent and you order before 12h00 and you live in Jozi or Tshwane, you can click the urgent delivery option and we will get the bottle to you the same day. Contact us deliveries if you need special arrangements.

What brand of LPG do you supply

As you probably know, MzansiGas is an online web gas delivery offering proudly brought to by The GAS Company. We at The Gas Company only sell our own house brand of LPG under the trade name Indigas. You can easily identify our Indigas bottles by their navy blue colouring. Our bottles are also stamped with and Indigas imprint.

What empties can I give back?

We only exchange our own Indigas or Solgas bottles (the blue ones)

If you have something a little more exotic, perhaps you should contact us just to double check? Send a photo to enquiries and we'll get back to you lickety-spit with a confirmation.

Why are your deposits so expensive?

They're not - at all - our deposits reflect the true nominal value of the cylinder. It's what it costs to get them manufactured and imported.

Really? Then how come I get bottles for cheaper at one of your competitors

Our competitors are generally really big oil companies with deep pockets and massive balance sheets. They insist on selling the bottles into the market at well below cost (on a deposit system so they show no loss on those massive balance sheets). They claim it's to benefit the consumer by lowering the entry cost of first time LPG purchase, we think it's a pretty clever way to raise a few barriers to entry, effectively creating a need for massive capital expenditure in order to play in the same LPG sandpit as the big boys. We don't really think that's cool corporate behaviour, giving a crack addict his first fix for cheap and then milking him on every purchase thereafter, but it is what it is and it's going to be pretty difficult to change.

Our balance sheet's not so massive, so we really can't afford the funding. So we ask the consumer to pay the full purchase price up-front. It's a holding deposit, so you can get it back anytime by returning the bottle and showing proof of original purchase. In return you're gonna get better service for sure, and you're gonna be saying to the corporates that it's not OK to resort to bully tactics supported by draconian laws to squeeze the smaller competition out of the marketplace. That's a recipe for ultimately having higher prices and lower service levels

How long should a bottle last

It's actually possible to calculate this to quite a high degree. Every appliance on the market should have its's consumption details available inside the user manual. Calculating the consumption per hour divided into the number of kilograms inside the cylinder will give you the number of hours you can get out of that cylinder on that appliance

How do I check you're not crooking me?

Weigh the cylinder when you get it (use your bathroom scale), before you crack the seal.
Every cylinder must have a tare weight stamped onto it, add the number of KG's a bottle takes to the tare weight and that should be the same as the number on the scale.

How can I be sure my bottle is safe?
We at The GAS Company take gas safety very seriously, we know that it is vital for our industry that gas be seen as a safe alternative energy source.
We check every cylinder at our refill depot before we fill it. If you receive a cylinder, check that the seal on top has not been tampered with, this is your guarantee that the cylinder has been checked and filled legitimately.

What is the price of gas

In order to protect the consumer, the price of gas is regulated, in much the same manner as the petrol price, nationally throughout South Africa. The regulated price is linked to the oil price and is changed on the first Wednesday of every month. This is the same system employed to regulate petrol.

OK Thanks, but what is the price?
Size Price (Excl.)
9 199.98
19 422.18
48 1066.56

Go here NERSA for more

What browsers are supported?

Officially (as in we accept abuse when bugs are identified) we support

We've had success with just about everything we've tested on though, so if you are using something more exotic and are having problems please drop us a line and we'll see what can be done.

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