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We've got no gas for you if your bottles aint blue!

The Mzansigas on-line exchange service only works with our blue Indigas or Solgas bottles. You will only ever receive le bleu from us, and we only ever take blue bottles back. If you currently have bottles supplied by one of our competitors then you gonna have to upgrade to team blue before we can exchange.

This is the price of being independent.

Exchange type cylinders (the ones you swop at the gas place not the ones you refill) are not owned by you, they are owned by their respective brands. If you owned the bottle outright and we exchanged your spetacular - clean - brand new - sparkling - colgate smile - silver - shining - standup -example of a bottle for a crappy red headed step-daughter of a bottle, there'd be handbags in the conversations. (As it is, there's often middle fingers thrown around and you don't even own the bottles) ((b.t.w, we get that, that's why we respray our bottle regularly and we wash them before we give them to you - if you receive a bottle from us and you deem it too crappy for your castle, give us a call and we'll swap it around for you - no charge)).

So each brand is responsible for the safety and the upkeep of their own bottles out there in the wild. And so filling each others cylinders is zero cool.

It didn't take long for some monopoly capatalist from a faceless corporation with insanely deep pockets to work out that if that's the case (all the players in the market are not allowed to fill each others bottles), then if we [they] sell the bottles to the consumer at a discount to the nominal price they very effectively raise the barriers of entry for the little guy. provide support to the consumer on their first purchase.

So this leaves you with a dilemma, nobody wants to support the faceless corps out there because: dystopia, but you've already got bottles and nobody wants to pay twice just to avoid dystopia.

Here's the solution, order the bottles now, put up the money, test the service and if we let you down, or you move to oz, or start burning the ex's furniture to keep warm, return the bottles to us and you'll get your full deposit back. Guaranteed. No questions asked. We do it every single day.

Select the option that best describes your setup below and we'll tell you the next steps.

*** YOU CAN IGNORE THIS FOR 9KG BOTTLES (the knee height jobbies) ***

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