is a-comin' home

As many of you already know, Mzansigas was lauched (in 2012 before we toasted the planet) by The Gas Company as an on-line only offering to make ordering your gas a little less schleppy ...and of-course to show our competitors how it's done. Since then we've grown, groaned and grown up. In fact, we're all grown-up now and it's time to return - like the prodigal gender-fluid offspring - back to our tribe.

Like all sentient things, we yearn for a safe place where the flowers grow and where there is always colour in the sunsets. And that place is, for us, under The Gas Company umbrella

The MzansiGas web presence has been needing a lick of paint for a couple of seasons now, and this year we decided to take the plunge and to update it. And that update presented us with the perfect opportunity to merge the site back into the Gas Company stable.

From this point forward MzansiGas will be slowly deprecated and all the wonderful functionality, wit and customer service we are famous for will get merged into the new website which will be flying The Gas Company flag. We strongly urge you to please start moving over to the new website (which will slowly become a web-app and replace even the MzansiGas apps ((because trying to appease the Apple gods so they will allow your app in the store is a great way to kill any lust-for-life you may have)) ). The new site is mobile friendly and we have ironed out all sorts of paper cuts over the winter months, so we are absolutely confident that the site will make your life just that little bit easier.